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Sustainable Eating

Making mindful decisions for your body and the planet

Eating sustainably is all about enjoying food that makes you feel good and that doesn't harm the natural environment. It's about adopting a diet that you could eat for ever, because its delicious, nutritious and can be produced sustainably. 

By providing inspiring recipes and specialist guidance, Green Eating makes sustainable eating easy and exciting.

The current food system is broken. Rising obesity, malnutrition, food waste and climate change are all threats that depend on an improved food system to solve.

I believe humanity is more than capable of creating a sustainable global food system - but change has to start now.


5 top tips for eating sustainably

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Reduce meat and dairy


Reduce food waste


Choose sustainably sourced fish


Choose seasonal produce


Choose local produce

Diversity is key

Diverse diets for health
Different foods contain different macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). Our bodies use all of these to function healthily, so we have to eat a variety of foods to ensure the body gets everything it needs.

Diverse diets for the planet
The planet is a complex ecosystem of many different organisms that all have a function. Each species plays it's part in regulating ecosystem health.

Examples of how plants contribute to planetary health:

  • Plants can purify air and water. They absorb carbon from the atmosphere, which is essential for mitigating global warming.

  • ​Plants support soil health by enabling nutrient cycling and by providing a strong, open structure that prevents flooding and erosion.

  • Some plants have properties that regulate pest populations and control diseases.

  • Different plants provide appropriate habitats for wild animals and insects.

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