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Kale and Edamame Cakes

Edamame beans are simply young soya beans. They are harvested before the beans harden, providing a delicious bright green flesh. Originating in Asia, the beans are now grown in the UK and are in season in August. However, they are easily stored frozen or canned, which is ideal for a recipe like this, which makes use of winter British kale.

Edamame and kale are both a great plant based source of the Omega 3 fatty acid; ALA. Most commonly found in plants, ALA is a essential fatty acid, which means that your body cannot make it itself. Like other healthy fat groups, ALA is important for heart health and is also linked to improving cognitive function.

Makes 10 cakes


80g un-cooked quinoa

Big handful fresh coriander

4 spring onions, trimmed

100g curly kale

100g edamame beans

1 tbsp lime juice

1 tbsp tahini paste

1 tsp white miso paste

1 galic clove

Finely chopped chili (amount to taste)

4 tbsp water

Olive oil for frying


1. Cook the quinoa as per instructions on the pack.

2. Meanwhile, steam the kale for 5 -10 minutes or put it in the microwave in a bowl with a 1 tsp water for 2 minutes, until cooked.

3. Add all of the ingredients into a blender, apart from the quinoa. Blend until finely chopped but not fully smooth.

4. When the quinoa is cooked, drain and allow to dry for a few minutes, then add to the paste. Mix in well.

5. Using your hands, shape the mix into 10 small patties. Use wet hands will help to prevent the mix from sticking to your hands.

6. Heat a little oil in a large non-stick frying pan. Cook the cakes in small batches, on either side for 3-5 minutes until they hold together well and gain a golden colour.

7. Serve with salad, Asian style slaw or on their own as a starter.


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